In 1980 commercial life of UZUN Family in knitting industry started from repairing knitting machines and manufacturing spare parts. In 1993 GORHELE KNITTING MACHINE REPAIRS was established.In 2003 GORTEKS KNITTING MACHINERIES AND KNITTING CAMS IND. TRADE LTD.CO was established to meet machinery needs of knitting industry and spare part needs of flat knitting machinesall over the world.Since 2003, it cooperates with Turkish distributors of STOLL and SHIMA SEIKI. GORTEKS has been supplying spare parts and knitting machines to Turkey`s exporter companies. Today GORTEKS aims to meet spare part needs all over the world with a global sales network.Spare parts of our company are being used in 4 continents with trust.

GORTEKS is exporting spare parts for flat knitting industry in Canada, Under the Planning and R&D Görteks plans to;England, Germany, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Syria, Iran, Egypt, India and China. Besides its regular production, our company started research & development on flat knitting machines in 2007 and plans to produce computer controlled narrow band flat knitting machines. We believe that to exist in hard competing conditions of global business, companies have to believe in “continuity approach” in production, management, development and cooperation. GORTEKS adopts result-focused approach based on standardization,quality and innovation. Since 2010 Görteks is producing new models of narrow band and circular knitting machines, by signing new changes in a sector of spare parts and narrow band flat & circular knitting machines.

* Increase export potential and partners network in short term

* Produce and market electronic narrow band flat & circular knitting machines in mid and long term.By participating in domestic and international fairs, Görteks is developping succesfully in a textile sector offering its spare parts for producers and customers from four continents.